"Valuing and Encouraging the Giftings and Callings of God in You!"
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The Church of Champions is a Family Church where the Prophetic and Healing Ministries are in full function while being built on the Foundation of Successful Family Relationships.

We recently lost our beautiful daughter, Shekinah Glory Davisson. She was 13 years old when she suddenly left earth to be with the Lord. Please get to know her at www.ALovingSister.org

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Pastors Joel and Kathy Davisson

Services are Sunday Nights at
5 PM at various locations.

We are currently in a "rest" time, with services being a very casual time of building relationships and enjoying a season of time that is different, but very refreshing.


Built Upon the Foundation of Successful Family Relationships!

What do we offer you as a church? Yes, all of the "fun things" that we list above are part of the vision of the church; however, those things are not what is most important. What is most important - and what we offer you, is a chance to get to know us; to be up front and personal with your pastors and other church members.

We are pastors who have a great marriage. We are pastors who will let you get to know us. With the recent public failures of so many pastors of large churches, we want to offer an alternative to the norm. The norm is that you go to church and really do not know what kind of life is being lived behind closed doors by the leadership.

We are fully invested in marriage ministry. We will share the Word, but don't come to be entertained by a supercharged, electrified preaching of the Word. Don't come to be "wowed" by any of the trappings of the traditional idea of church. Yes, we observe the Lord's supper. Yes, we get people saved. Yes, we marry, bury and do baptisms - but our Sunday meetings are a very relaxed, low maintenance fellowship around the Word, Prayer and one another.

We have currently discontinued children's ministry and nursery. These aspects of church will be part of our church life again in the future. Our services are at 5 PM. We encourage you to take your kids to church in the morning at a church that offers a super good children's program. We are not intereseted in competing with wonderful children's services That is not what we are about. In the late afternoon, get a sitter for the children and come at 5 PM to get to know us.

What do we offer? We offer the chance for you to get to KNOW us; to KNOW those who labor among you. If you are looking for that rock-em sock-em hyper type church service, then keep looking. That is not where we are at in this stage of our development in the Lord, as a church. We like to think that we left that stage many years ago, and that where we are now is an improvement. That is our "take" on things.

We want to know you. That might be scary. If we know you, we will ask you to make changes in your life to become more Christlike. If an upfront, close and personal friendship is what you want, then visit us this Sunday!

The Church of Champions


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